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Strong Security

Mepius uses blockchain technology to clarify distributed data management and information generator authority, making it impossible to decrypt data without his permission. You can cancel sharing at any time after sharing your health information. In addition, personal information and health information are separated, so it is impossible to know whose information is viewed without permission.
Telemedicine Service

As non-face-to-face services grow significantly, interest in telemedicine services is also increasing. Mepius builds an ophion and network environment that can be the best combination of telemedicine services. This allows users to store their health information on their smartphones and blockchain networks and share some or all of the records with medical workers with users' consent.
Diversified Business

Once the Mepius service environment is established, you can connect with various businesses. Provide location-based information on surrounding health-related business items and provide faster access to the services users need. You can also connect to a device that can get additional user information. In general, IOT equipment from various companies that predict body temperature, weight, body fat, and exercise ability will be provided together.

HApp(Health Application)
Reuse data with the consent of users and institutions to create medical research and statistical data and distribute benefits.

HApp refers to a decentralized distributed application running on the Mepius blockchain. HApp can only create institutions that can generate medical research and statistical research in countries or associations.

Mepius Metaverse
Mepius Metaverse is a healthcare solution that supports health care based on user data stored on-chain.

- Building a platform by collecting collective intelligence data of medical workers
- Establishment of a remote counseling platform with healthcare and medical professionals
- Construction of Metaverse Health Examination Center in Online Virtual Space
- Building a platform to diagnose AI diseases and correct incorrect medical information
- Providing basic medical information for MEDICAL ON-DEMAND services

Mepius Tokens (MEPS) have been created to minimize national barriers and provide even advanced medical services in the global Mepius on-chain network.

Mepius platform users can be recognized for their contribution to various activities and receive rewards.
Users can store and secure health data measured by ophion devices in a blockchain environment.
This stored data can be provided to official institutions and research institutes, and the profits generated from it are distributed to users.
MEPS is also used as a payment method for ophion use and linked services.