State-of-the-art health-care spectroscopy technology

Moosong LTC's Ophion is a product that analyzes blood components after measuring the intensity of each wavelength reflected or transmitted by irradiating near-infrared light at the end of the hand with NIR spectroscopy technology and is harmless and painless. The use of Ophion can help with diseases that can be diagnosed with blood, such as blood sugar levels, liver levels, cholesterol levels, and tumor markers.

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Diagnostic device
Only Mepius devices can present pain-free experiences.

diagnostic characteristic

The diagnostic device is a bloodless test method and has characteristics of no pain, side effects, or delay.

NIR spectrometer

It is a device that detects and analyzes the components of the target material by irradiating the object with light (NIR) and measuring the intensity of each wavelength of reflected or transmitted light.

bloodless technology

We have developed a technology to test bloodless for identifying various diseases and symptoms that can be done by blood collection.
An application with six core technologies will be released.

conveniently connect with a health examination device for recording

Quickly and easily check and measure various diseases

safe storage and management of personal health information

Secure diagnostics and records are available at any time

Accumulated bloodless measurement data can be checked at a glance

Send health information to the blockchain wallet address

Diagnostic domain

Various diseases can be detected early.
causes of disease transmission and death
digestive problems
endocrine metabolic disease
diseases of blood and hematopoietic organs
urogenetic disease